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MFS14 - Outstanding performance and excellent value

MFS14 Walk-behind saw in action
MFS14 Walk-behind saw in action
These compact and lightweight floor saws offer outstanding cutting performance, smooth operation and excellent maneuverability. These units bridge the gap between a hand-held cutoff saw and a larger walk-behind floor saw, and are ideal for small cuts in asphalt and concrete, for patching and repairs jobs and applications such as installing electric fencing, lighting, etc. Due to their compact size they will fit in every truck and won’t take away much space in any warehouse.
  • Weight of the engine above the cutting shaft keeps the blade down during cutting, and provides for a stable and non-wavy cut - no need for pushing the machine down! This not only provides for a truly outstanding cutting performance in their class, it even increases blade life too.
  • One-touch blade guard can be easily opened any time without any tools, for quick and convenient blade changing.
  • Operating handle can be easily adjusted without tools to operator’s body height, provides high user comfort.
  • Durable water tank can quickly be removed without tools for refill or storage.
  • Additional features like the parking brake and lifting hook make MFS14 have the most excellent value.
Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.

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